How Much ?

How much will it cost?

Or – how long is this piece of string?

It isn’t always easy for us to make an off-the-cuff estimate over the phone. There is no magic formula.

We charge for the time spent on working on your records, giving advice, dealing with the Revenue, or whatever. 

We will give you a fixed quote, (if not instantly over the phone) and stick to it.

The magic word – free

You see it advertised “free initial consultation.” Which makes us wonder – who would have the nerve to charge for an initial discussion? It would be like a shop charging you for “no thank you – just looking”.

If you think we might be able to help, please contact us. Come in for a chat.

If you don’t like us – well, we promise not to give you an invoice on the way out.

If you do like us – we only start charging when we start working.

Phone, email or fax us. Or just drop in – most of our clients do. There’s always someone who can help

When do I pay?

Normally not until the job is completed – accounts annually, VAT quarterly, and so on. If you want to spread the load we’re quite happy to set up a standing order from day one – but, unusually we don’t insist on it.

Do you charge for the odd phone call?

No. Never be afraid to ask for advice. Why lose sleep over a problem that may have a well-known solution? We can often give you an answer in seconds to something that might puzzle you for weeks.

And if there is a problem – better deal with it now than at the end of the year. When it’s too late.

And, honestly, there is no such thing as a daft question. You might set us a problem in seconds that puzzles us for weeks…

(Is a Jaffa Cake a cake or a chocolate biscuit? It took a VAT tribunal to decide. After examining a giant Jaffa Cake, they decided it was a cake. Then – allegedly – they ate the evidence.)

Terms and conditions

No business can get away from the Small Print.
The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales insist that we provide you with details of our “terms of engagement” These, inevitably, are full of legal jargon.
But, put simply, the terms are a promise. If you tell us everything you should, at the right time, then we will do everything we should, at the right time.

Hilary AdamsHow Much?