What We Do

We could make a long list (tax, vat, payroll…) of all the things we do regularly.

But that’s a bit like insisting that the vegetarian reads all the steak menu…

You will not want to use all our skills. Or even 90% of them. Just the bits that apply to your unique circumstances.
If you don’t know what a technical term means, it’s not your fault. It’s our fault. For not explaining it properly.
We do try to make it all sound simple.

…then there’s a reason you’re looking for a change. Maybe you feel you’ve outgrown your accountants. Or they seem to be difficult to get hold of. Or never return your calls. Or maybe you’re just reviewing your costs. Have a look at free chat. No obligations.

…you don’t know what you need to know – but you want to know it all. Now! Starting up by yourself for the first time is daunting. The list of Things To Think About seems endless. Limited, partnership, sole trader? VAT? PAYE? National Insurance? Bookkeeping?… Most of it’s not that difficult. Honestly. And much of it is routine form filling. New to you – old hat to us. The trick, of course, is knowing what are the difficult bits. And avoiding the problems. Have a look at free chat. No obligations.

…maybe you have a rental property or have been informed by HMRC that you need to complete a tax return. If you’ve tried to complete your tax return yourself you may have found it all a bit daunting, this is where we can help. Have a look at free chat. No obligations.

…then you may be worried about SOFAs. If you’re worried about your SOFAs, and ‘restricted or unrestricted’ is still a problem, give us a call. Yes, SOFAs, restricted, unrestricted – it’s all jargon. Jargon is useful as shorthand if we both know what it means. At other times it’s useless (or even downright rude). Have a look at free chat. No obligations.

Hilary AdamsWhat We Do